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Welcome to Space Gems Meteorite Jewelry page. We have elegant meteorite pendants, meteorite rings, meteorite necklaces and meteorite watches available at prices to fit any budget! You can view stock images of our meteorite jewelry below.


The Following are stock photos of our meteorite jewelry. Individual pieces will vary in appearance due to the unique nature of each meteorite.

WARNING: We would like take this opportunity to remind people that iron Meteorite jewelry contains iron which is naturally attracted to magnets. To prevent having your jewelry pulled or yanked by a strong magnet avoid strong magnetic fields while wearing meteorite jewelry or Damascus steel jewelry (e.g. MRI machines, powerful electro-magnets, rare-earth magnets, etc.)

Meteorite Ring

Meteorite Rings

Meteorite Necklace

Meteorite Necklaces

Meteorite Earrings

Meteorite Earrings

Meteorite Pendant

Meteorite Pendants. Approximately 3/4" to 1" in length. Price ONLY $69.95 Each!

Meteorite Watch

Meteorite Watches

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